Sorry, we don’t sell tickets…

…But we do need your support

Our festivals are and have always been free to attend but they are not free to put on. So, in order to ensure they remain 100% controlled by the community of Glossop, we need your support to keep them going.

Support the Festival Through

Our vision is that all our festivals are owned and run by the community.  By community we mean 2 things:

  • Local community – believing that a strong local community benefits all who are a part of it
  • A community of those who share our vision – meaning the event can stay true to its roots

Events need funding, and as one of our goals is to keep the event free to those who attend,  we must raise our funds elsewhere. It is our belief that crowdfunding will allow us to do this without compromising our vision.

If you would like to find out more about how you can support the festival, visit Here you will find various ways to support us, starting from just £10.

By making a pledge on Crowdfunder you will:

  • Receive our eternal gratitude
  • Be helping to keep our festivals going
  • Get your name on the website (if you would like it) as a supporter
  • Receive a wristband on the day to demonstrate your support
  • Most Importantly – Automatically become a member of the Glossopdale Trust, and have a say in the future of the festivals

We believe that you want the festival to continue enough to make a pledge if you can. Please help to prove us right, Make a pledge on crowdfunder.

Make a pledge – Show us that you value our festivals – Help us to keep them different